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  1. Please read the disclaimer and agreement and cancellation policy carefully and enter the required details in the form that agreeing to them.

    • Please note that this application does not guarantee your place in the JINIS Camp 2024. 

    • Please note that you must submit one form for each student (even if the students are siblings).

  2. After completing the entry, an auto-reply email will be sent to the applicant's email address. If you do not receive it, please check the following  and contact the Secretariat by email.
    Please make sure you have set up your email settings to receive emails from We will not contact you by phone. (Updated 10 April 2024)


  3. JINIS Camp Secretariat ( ) will later send you an email with the results of the selection process. 
    *The first round of selection has been completed. You will be contacted approximately one week after application.


  4. Those whose participation has been confirmed will be informed about the payment of the registration fee. If payment is not received by the due date, your participation will be cancelled.

  5. We will provide updates sequentially after April 10th for those on the waiting list and those who apply after 24 February. (Updated 23 February 2024)

Notes on receiving emails

  • If you are using security settings

    Please note that your security settings may be restricting the reception of e-mails. Please follow the instructions for the service you are using to set up your email settings to allow receipt of emails.

  • The email is being received in the spam folder

    Depending on the settings of your device, your emails may be sorted into the 'Junk mail folder'. Please check whether or not the email is being sorted into the junk mail folder according to the receiving permission settings of your contracted carrier.

  • Insufficient free space on your device or email service

    If there is insufficient free space on your device or email service (e.g. Gmail), you will also not be able to receive the message. Please ensure that you have enough free space before contacting us.

  • Received in a tab other than the main one in Gmail

    Depending on your usage of Gmail, you may be sorted into tabs for categories such as 'Promotions'. Please check each tab and set the sorting to the main tab by referring to [Google Help Centre] if necessary.

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