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Fostering courage and friendship to open up the future
Next Educational Environment Development


Celebrating its 8th year this year, JINIS Camp offers a program for children aged 5 to 10, utilising the facilities of a European-style full-boarding primary school. Centred around the curriculum of Jinseki International School, the program focuses on exploratory activities, including nature experiences, sports, and diverse activities like tea ceremonies and Zen meditation.

*JINIS Camp is commissioned by Jinseki International School.It will be operated by NEED.


Hiroshima Prefecture ​Jinseki Kogen

We have prepared an environment suitable for nurturing children's five senses.

Jinseki Kogen, located in the Chugoku Mountains, is the setting for many Japanese myths, and is a beautiful place surrounded by rich nature, where you can experience the beautiful seasonal mountains, waterfalls, and rivers up close.
Thanks to the blessings of the land, such as the production of highland vegetables and livestock farming, and the blessings of the sea from the Seto Inland Sea, we have created a safe and secure food environment suitable for children's growth.

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