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Discover Japan, Discover JINIS Camp

Experience JINIS Camp amidst the rich natural environment of Jinseki Kogen and the picturesque Setouchi Japan. Our carefully crafted and coordinated program is aimed towards your child's independence and confidence.

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Celebrating its 8th year this year, JINIS Camp offers a program for children aged 5 to 10, utilising the facilities of a European-style full-boarding primary school. Our exclusive curriculum is aligned with Jinseki International School; the program focuses on exploring the natural environment, hands-on scientific experiments, a range of sports, and enjoying Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremonies and Zen meditation.

One of the captivating aspects of JINIS Camp is the interaction with "leaders," students currently studying in boarding schools worldwide. Serving as accessible “older siblings”, they provide children with insights into life abroad, mentorship and considerations for future education.




Jinseki International School and the surrounding area

*Complimentary shuttle available from Hiroshima Airport or JR Fukuyama Station

Camp 1

JINIS Camp International

June 30 (Sun.) to July 6 (Sat.)
Grades 1 - 4

* Application closed.

Camp 2

JINIS Camp Kids

July 9 (Tue.) to July 13 (Sat.),

Ages 5 - 6

* Application closed.

Camp 3

JINIS Camp Classic

July 21 (Sun.) to August 3 (Sat.)

Grades 1 - 4

* Application closed.

Daily Schedule

7:00   Wake Up!

7:30   Breakfast

9:00   Morning Program

12:00  Lunch

13:00  Afternoon Program

14:00  Tea Break

15:00  Activities

17:00  Bath Time

18:00  Dinner

19:00  Free Time

21:00  Lights Out


Next Education Environment Development Co., Ltd. (NEED)

Operated by:

Jinseki International School



United Sports Foundation 

Cancellation Policy:

Regarding the participation fee, no refunds will be provided for cancellations made by participants after payment. If the organisers cancel the camp, a full refund of the participation fee, excluding the deposit, will be issued.


  • We give priority to those considering enrollment at Jinseki International School.

  • Participation may be declined for children requiring special support or those who are not yet independent in meals, toileting, and sleep.

  • Masks will not be worn during the camp. Participants are required to submit a pledge and consent form regarding COVID-19 infection prevention measures when joining.

  • If it is deemed challenging for a participant to continue camp life during the period, we may request them to be picked up, even if it's within the camp duration.

Disclaimers and agreements

  1. I (the applicant or the guardian of the child participating in JINIS Camp) and the participant (the child participating in JINIS Camp) (hereinafter referred to simply as "the participants") have read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer and consent form. By applying for participation in JINIS Camp (hereinafter referred to as "the camp"), we agree to abide by the contents herein.

  2. Upon acceptance of the camp application, as a condition of participation, the participant waives any claims, demands, or lawsuits against the staff of Next Education Environment Development Co., Ltd. (NEED), Jinseki International School staff, teachers, and any and all individuals or institutions involved in this camp, and releases them from all liabilities (including negligence) arising from the participant's involvement in this camp.

  3. The participants agree to adhere to the content and schedule of the program and to follow instructions even if changes occur.

  4. The participants, after the acceptance of the application, also waive any claims, demands, or lawsuits and release all liabilities (including negligence) in the event that the camp is cancelled due to the occurrence of infectious diseases or any other reasons.

  5. The participants consented to direct communication with the emergency contacts registered by the NEED staff and Jinseki International School staff in case of emergencies. In the event that all registered contacts cannot be reached in an emergency, the participants authorise NEED staff and Jinseki International School staff to take necessary emergency measures.

  6. Understanding that NEED staff, Jinseki International School staff, teachers, and interns will actively work to ensure the participant's safety during the camp; the participant agrees not to file any lawsuits for damages or injuries that may occur.

  7. The participants acknowledge the prompt receipt of communication in emergency situations and agree to bear the full cost of emergency measures if required.

  8. Suppose the camp organisers feel that the camp life and/or activities are too challenging for the child to continue. In that case, the participants will arrange to collect the child immediately. Any costs incurred in such cases will be borne by the participants. The participant also agrees that the participation fee will not be refunded.

  9. Participants agree to compensate for all costs if they intentionally damage facilities, equipment, or any other items provided during the event.

  10. Participants agree that, except for temporary leave granted at the discretion of the organisers for funeral matters, they will not be allowed to stay overnight outside the camp during the camp period for personal reasons.

  11. We agree to understand and abide by all rules related to participation in the camp.

Risk and Risk Management During the Camp

  • Land Programs: The risk of cuts, bruises, and fractures due to falls, etc.
    Prior to the program, thorough explanations regarding safety, hazards, and prohibitions will be provided. Participants will engage in preparatory exercises.

  • Water Programs: The risk of drowning incidents due to capsizing or falling into the water, etc.
    Prior to the program, comprehensive explanations regarding safety, hazards, and prohibitions will be provided. Preparatory exercises and on-land guidance will be conducted. All participants must wear life jackets throughout the program.

  • Cooking and Other Activities: The risk of cuts, burns, etc., from cooking utensils.
    Prior to the activity, detailed explanations regarding safety, hazards, and prohibitions will be provided. The tasks will be carried out under the supervision of staff.

While we take every precaution in risk management, participants who fail to adhere to the staff's safety instructions and prohibitions, leading to accidents, may be required to be picked up by their guardians, and they may be asked to leave. In such cases, the expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the participant, and there will be no refund of the participation fee.
If, due to unavoidable circumstances, participants wish to avail themselves of transportation to Hiroshima Airport or Fukuyama Station, the additional costs are as follows:


  • Transportation to and from Fukuyama Station (Round Trip), including Supervision: ¥8,000

  • Transportation to and from Hiroshima Airport (Round Trip), including Supervision: ¥18,000

Updated 19 Jan 2024.

Registration Flow

STEP 1. Pre-Registration

STEP 2. Selection and Notification of Results

The secretariat will contact you within a week after entry. (Updated 10 Apr 2024)

STEP 3. Payment of Deposit

Participation confirmed upon payment confirmation
*In the case of accelerated participation, depending on the time of year, the participation fee including the registration fee may have to be paid in one lump sum.

STEP 4. Payment of Participation Fee/Registration of Participant Information

Procedures must be completed by the indicated date.

STEP 5. Dispatch of Brochures and Documents

Pre-entry Acceptance

About application

Pre-registration for JINIS Camp 2024 is now open.
Please read the notes and flow process carefully before registering.

*This year's call for applications has now closed.
Please contact the JINIS Admission office for applications for next summer.


English Academic Program

Our custom-built curriculum is designed to immerse children in the English language using the unique setting of the Jinseki Kogen Plateau as the inspiration to extend their learning. Whether they are actively learning or simply enjoying the language, children can expect to develop a sense of accomplishment and substantial confidence by the end of the camp, thanks to the academic challenges and new experiences they encounter.


Exploring Cultural and Outdoor Adventures

JINIS Camp provides a range of activities centred around a Japanese garden featuring a ranch, farm, and tea house owned by Jinseki International School (JINIS). Popular programs include Zen meditation experiences at a Zen temple and pottery. Additionally, JINIS Camp offers marine activities in the Seto Inland Sea during the program period.


Sport by United Sports Foundation  ※Camp 3

The sports activities are facilitated by the United Sports Foundation, a public interest-incorporated foundation aiming to convey the promotion and allure of sports from a global perspective. Through programs designed to foster a sense of camaraderie, excitement, and the joy of challenges, participants will experience the unity and inspiration that comes from collaborating with peers through sports.

"Nighttime fun was super awesome!"
"I got faster at running, just like the superheroes in the Olympics!"
"Learning English was like solving a fun puzzle every day!"
"I made cool new friends, and now speaking English is like having a secret code with them!"
"This summer school has been an incredibly positive experience for my child, and I feel they've grown significantly physically and emotionally. They came back looking and feeling a size bigger!"
"I am truly grateful for this invaluable experience I couldn't provide. Even after two weeks, my child enthusiastically shares memories from summer school, things they've learned, and stories about their friends."
"The children have grown so robustly, surpassing my expectations. It brought a warmth to my heart to see their unexpected and impressive growth."
"When I asked my child, 'How was it?' they responded, 'It was so much fun!' and expressed a desire to go every year."
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