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"An Approachable Older Sibling for the Children! The Allure of JINIS Camp through the Eyes of a 'Leader'

At JINIS Camp, our dedicated staff, known as 'Leaders,' engage in shared living experiences with the children to assist in creating a safe, enjoyable, and meaningful camp environment. The majority of these leaders are current high school or university students, many with experience in international boarding or studying abroad. In essence, they serve as dependable older brothers and sisters. Let's now hear from T.O, a student at Boston University.

Allow me to share a bit about myself—I was born in Japan and, from high school onwards, attended the full-boarding boys' school, "Blue Ridge School," in Virginia, USA. After four years of boarding school life, I am currently pursuing my studies at Boston University.

Reflecting on my own boarding experience, I believe that the greatest charm of JINIS lies in the opportunity for primary school pupils to experience boarding life. Living together early on in a community of diverse individuals in terms of age, culture, nationality and values allows for the learning of life skills and wisdom. It also nurtures a spirit of contributing to the happiness of others. The autonomy cultivated in the unique boarding environment is a sure asset for children venturing onto international stages in the future. In this sense, JINIS environment is truly valuable.

Moreover, JINIS stands out for its abundant connection to nature. The Summer Camp offers various activities that allow children to interact with nature, whether it's catching the scent of sea breeze, listening to the song of cicadas, or engaging in hands-on experiences like digging soil and harvesting vegetables in an organic garden. The program is designed to stimulate the senses of children who might be inclined to focus solely on the digital world of games and smartphones.

Within the splendid Japanese garden, there's even a tea room, providing an opportunity to delve into the traditional Japanese culture of "Tea Ceremony." For someone like me, with a lengthy experience of living abroad, it was a meaningful opportunity to share the development of Japanese culture, intertwined with nature, with the children.

While JINIS Camp is recognized for providing an English-immersive environment in Japan, its true strength lies in offering ample digital detox experiences that fully engage one's senses."


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