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JINIS Camp International 2024 - Camp 1: Embracing Japanese Traditions with Local Temple Exploration

Embark on a cultural odyssey as JINIS Camp International 2024, Camp 1: International Edition, invites young adventurers aged 6 to 10 to explore the rich history and cultural traditions of Miyajima Island. From June 30th to July 6th, join us for a week-long exploration that transcends time, offering a blend of historical discovery and unique Japanese cultural experiences, all within the embrace of a European-style full-boarding English summer camp.

European-style full-boarding primary English Summer Camp

Miyajima Island: A Tapestry of Cultural Marvels

1. The Sacred Itsukushima Shrine:

Begin our exploration at Itsukushima Shrine, an architectural marvel dating back to the 6th century. Campers will delve into the cultural richness of the shrine, exploring its sacred halls and discovering the profound connection between the island's history and traditional practices.

2. The Enigmatic "Floating" Torii Gate:

Uncover the cultural significance behind the iconic Torii gate, a symbol of tranquillity and reverence. Campers will delve into the centuries-old practices and rituals associated with the gate, gaining insight into how it has become a cultural emblem for visitors over the ages.

3. Japanese Cultural Practices - Local Temple Exploration and Zazen Meditation:

On a single, captivating day, campers will embark on a unique exploration at a local temple on Miyajima Island, delving into Japanese cultural experiences. Guided by experienced practitioners, they will connect with the art of 写経 (Shakyo), or sutra copying, and engage in zazen, the serene art of zen meditation. This holistic day promises a profound journey into the heart of Japanese traditions.

Secure Your Child's Spot for a JINIS Camp 2024!

Visit JINIS Camp 2024 to learn more about the combined cultural immersion during Camp 1: International. Let your child embark on a single day of cultural discovery.

Join us as we immerse in Japanese cultural traditions on Miyajima Island at JINIS Camp International 2024 - Camp 1!

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