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Camp 3

JINIS Camp Classic

Two weeks fly by in the blink of an eye!
Embrace English in a nature-rich environment and enjoy various activities.


July 21 (Sun.) - August 3 (Sat.)

2 weeks


80 pupils

(Minimum required: 20 people)


Grades 1 - 4

(As of April 2024)

Participation Fee

¥600,000 (excluding tax)

*For those who have decided to participate, we will ask you to pay a registration fee of 50,000 yen in advance, and we will charge you the balance at a later date.

Participation Requirement

English proficiency level is not a prerequisite.

Japanese conversational level is required


Features of JINIS Camp Classic

Embark on a journey of discovery with our immersive English learning program and experiential activities in a captivating natural setting. Interact with accomplished sports instructors, handpicked from the United Sports Foundation, covering diverse sporting disciplines.

Throughout the camp, seize the opportunity for three memorable outings. Experience the joy of seaside bathing in the serene Seto Inland Sea, explore the iconic beauty of Hiroshima's Miyajima, and partake in a serene visit to a local temple, immersing yourself in the tranquillity of Zen.

The vibrant boarding life shared with friends hailing from all corners of the country transforms into enduring memories. JINIS Camp Classic goes beyond language education, fostering personal growth and creating an enriching tapestry of experiences that last a lifetime.


About application

Pre-registration for JINIS Camp 2024 is now open.
Please read the notes and flow process carefully before registering.

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