Jinseki Summer School 2021

Learning how to live amid diversity.
A summer to unleash curiosity.
European style summer camp in Japan.


An original program by an instructor at Jinseki International School, offering a two-week European-style summer school experience.

Set in the idyllic Chugoku hills, our Summer Camp offers a wonderful opportunity for pupils from 5-9years to learn English from fully licensed elementary school teachers. We will offer a wide range of exciting activities from study to outdoor recreation and discovery.

We invite your child to make memories for life in Jinseki this summer.

Jinseki Summer School 2020

Jinseki Summer School 2018


Dates Camp 1 July 4, 2021 (Sun) – July 17 (Sat)
Camp 2 July 25, 2021 (Sun) – August 7 (Sat)
Location Jinseki International School,Jinseki Kogen Hotel and vicinity in Hiroshima Prefecture
※Free transportation available from Hiroshima Airport or JR Fukuyama Station
Accepted ages Five to nine years old (ages 5 :through 9 :as of April 1, 2021)
Eligibility Camp1:Understand simple English instructions
Camp2:No English level required
Number of participants 48 (minimum 20)
Fee ¥450,000 (tax not included)
Organiser NEED (Next Educational Environment Development)

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Jinseki Summer School 2018


  • Academic Program

    Academic Program

    Focusing on JINIS TIME provided at Jinseki International School We offer original programs for learning or enjoying English. By the end of the camp, children should have a sense of accomplishment through the academic program and great confidence in trying new things.

  • Evening events

    Our Setting

    Our camp will be based at Jinseki International School, Japan’s premium junior boarding school. As such, the school offers purpose-built facilities including classrooms, a dining room and cabin bedrooms. Jinseki in located in the Setouchi region of Japan (one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 places to visit this year) offers an exceptional unspoilt natural environment.
    It is a source of wellness and outdoor life offering healthy food in a safe (low earthquake risk) area. Jinseki International School also offer summer camp pupils opportunities to visit their adjoining farm where pupils can tend to animals and enjoy produce from the dairy.

  • Sports activities

    Sports activities

    Sports activities

    United Sports Foundation is a premium Japanese sports provider offering lessons to pupils from various Olympic and professional sporting backgrounds.

    Our sports activities will focus on developing key skills and confidence within a fun environment. There will be a strong focus on good sportsmanship and developing a team spirit.



  • The evening events were fun.
    The evening events were fun.
  • I can run faster now.The Olympic athletes had amazing muscles.
    I can run faster now.
    The Olympic athletes had amazing muscles.
  • I studied and learned English.
    I studied and learned English.
  • I made all kinds of friends and I can speak English now.
    I made all kinds of friends and I can speak English now.

Parent comments

  • The summer school seemed to be a great experience for my child. He seemed to have matured a level or two when he came home.
  • I can’t provide an experience as valuable as this, so I am really grateful.
  • It’s been two weeks since he came back, but he still happily tells me about his memories and what he learned at summer school and about his friends.
  • The children grew stronger, much more than I expected. It almost brought tears to my eyes.
  • I asked my child, “How was it?” He said “It was really fun” and he wants to go back every year.

Application for Summer School is here

Application Form

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