Jinseki Summer School 2018

Learning how to live amid diversity.
A summer to unleash curiosity.
An English language summer camp.


Jinseki Summer School, which was a great success last year, will be held again this year.
In a liberating environment surrounded by nature, children five to twelve years old (five to eleven as of April 1) will learn English through the popular Tokyo International School Group programme. We have also prepared many wonderful activities that will cultivate the growth of our highly receptive primary school pupils, such as exercising with top athletes and enjoying the beautiful starry skies.
We invite you to a have a fantastic experience at Jinseki Kogen this summer holiday.


dates 22 July, 2018 – 4 August
Location JINSEKI KOGEN Hotel and vicinity in Hiroshima Prefecture
Accepted ages Five to twelve years old
(ages 5 through 11 as of April 1)
Number of participants 40 (minimum 20)
Fee 400,000 yen
Organiser NEED (Next Educational Environment Development)
Support Jinsekikogen-Cho, JINSEKI KOGEN HOTEL
Cooperation Tokyo International School Group, EDICM Corp,
John F. Kennedy International School, UNITED SPORTS FUNDATION,
Takeda Gakuen

Application for Summer School is here(Recruiter was finished)

Recruiter was finished.Thank you for many applications.

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  • アカデミックプログラム


    Academic Program

    It is based on various units from the International Primary Curriculum.

    The students learn history, geography, maths, science, art, PSHE and international mindedness through one project. This means that students will have a finished project at the end of the Summer School and will have a sense of completing a unit.
    ※ PSHE(PhysicalSocialHealthEducation)

  • 英語プログラム


    Summer Programme

    TIS’s summer program explores various themes in English. Children will explore diversely about the theme that has been set up. In each theme, an essential question (Core Question) has been set, and children are looking for answers to the question while being guided by a teacher, and in the process of expressing, children have the power to express their own thinking skills, expressiveness, others I will acquire the necessary power to be active in the global era, such as feelings to embrace and to challenge.
    Also, all the lessons will be in English. Even if you do not understand English at all at the beginning, children will steadily acquire English skills and global skills by the power of “exploratory curriculum” that draws out the curiosity of children.
    In this summer school, we will work on two themes, “Travel (Travel & Tourism)” and “Games & Toys” (Game and Toy). “Travel (Travel & Tourism)” explores everything related to travel and sightseeing, including transportation facilities, hotels, famous sights of the world’s countries. Let’s make a travel brochure by everyone!
    “Games & Toys” explores the world’s play, games, popular sports. After learning the country’s culture and history, let’s actually play!

  • スポーツアクティビティ


    Sports activities

    This year’s sports activities are “One World. One Team.” As a message, “UNITED SPORTS Foundation ” which promotes sports promotion and sports charm from a global perspective.We will also provide a program aimed at unity, impression, and enjoyment of challenging to join forces with colleagues through sports. Because you can receive direct guidance of top athlete, we offer programs that sports beginners can enjoy with confidence.

  • 夜のイベント

    Various activities to nurture five senses

    Jinseki Kogen is nestled in the Chugoku Mountains, the setting of many Japanese myths, and is surrounded by rich nature. Children can experience the beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and mountainous scenery throughout the four seasons.
    The location also offers a safe, secure food environment that is beneficial for growing children; the land provides highland vegetables and livestock and the Seto Inland Sea provides its own bounty.
    We conduct a range of events for the children, including astronomical observation and local cultural experiences.


*Programme contents is subject to change.


Mr. John Baugh
Mr. John Baugh

Has over thirty years’ experience as a Headmaster in UK. Solefield School, Sevenoaks (1986-1997), Edge Grove, Herts. (1997-2002) the Dragon School, Oxford, (2002-2017).He is currently Executive Director of St Andrew’s School, Turi, Kenya. (2018-) Member of the Independent Preparatory Schools Association (IAPS) Governing Council and Chairman of their Education Committee. He has also been Chairman of the UK Boarding Schools’ Association. He has undertaken many inspections for the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

坪谷 ニュウエル 郁子
Ikuko Newell Tsuboya

Established Tokyo International School in 1995 and serves as Chair. In 2000, she established the NPO International Secondary School and was named Chair. A member of the International Baccalaureate® Asia Pacific Regional Council since 2012 and currently Japan Ambassador. A member of the Cabinet Office Education Rebuilding Implementation Council from October 2015 (currently Education Rebuilding Execution Advisor to the Education Rebuilding Implementation Council).
Author of Sekai de Ikiru Chikara—Kokusai Baccalaureat ga Kodomotachiwo Tsuyokusuru (The ability to live in the world—how the International Baccalaureate empowers children).


  • 夜のイベントが楽しかった。
    The evening events were fun.
  • 走るのが速くなった。オリンピック選手の筋肉がすごい。
    I can run faster now.
    The Olympic athletes had amazing muscles.
  • 英語を習って英語を覚えられた。
    I studied and learned English.
  • いろんな友達ができて英語が話せるようになった。
    I made all kinds of friends and I can speak English now.

Parent comments

  • The summer school seemed to be a great experience for my child. He seemed to have matured a level or two when he came home.
  • I can’t provide an experience as valuable as this, so I am really grateful.
  • It’s been two weeks since he came back, but he still happily tells me about his memories and what he learned at summer school and about his friends.
  • The children grew stronger, much more than I expected. It almost brought tears to my eyes.
  • I asked my child, “How was it?” He said “It was really fun” and he wants to go back every year.

Application for Summer School is here(Recruiter was finished)

Recruiter was finished.Thank you for many applications.

Other inquiries are here